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    A Long Road! It has been a long and amazing road to 19FIFTYTHREE (19FT)! The original concept around 19FT was to create a streetwear brand for the mid-atlantic tomboy. After collecting inspiration, I found myself wanted to do so much more. I wanted to touch on important topics and create pieces other than clothing. 19FT has turned into what I like to call a “Branded Passion Project”. It has blossomed out of three years of inspiration and experience and has finally seen the…

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  • marc-jacobs

    Dear Marc Jacobs. I Come in Peace.

    Dear Marc Jacobs, I am huge fan of your work. I am a black woman. I am a lover of art and fashion. The situation that you are currently in with…

  • upstart-screenfi2
    Design Life

    UpStArt Magazine Feature

      Up.St.ART Annapolis stands for Up Street Art.  Upper West street has been designated as the Arts and Entertainment district in Annapolis. U.A. is a quarterly publication that highlights the creative…

  • Maxwell-blackSUMMERSnight-FI

    An Open Letter to Maxwell

    Dear Maxwell, I’m a fan! I’ve been a fan! But, blackSUMMERS’night has made me more of a fan! You have blessed us with your gifts and have masterfully crafted your sound…

  • insta1

    19FIFTYTHREE in September

    It has been a little over 3 years since 19FIFTYTHREE (19FT) started! Realizing that I didn’t have everything together to full start a brand, I turned 19FT into a design brand…

  • Woohoo-WH

    Woo-Hoo for the White House

    There are many experiences that I hold dear to me, some more than others. Of course there is my wedding day and the day my daughter was born. There is the…

  • DM-Life-July5-CatchupFI
    Inspiration Life

    The Wonderment of Inspiration

      “I love being inspired, but eventually, inspiration has to turn into action.”   June was a crazy month, full of highs and lows! Thankfully, not too low. Through it all,…

  • Home-large-image_Congii_900

    The Conglomerate

    The Conglomerate is an event planning collective including my brother Malcolm, his lady friend Jasmine, my husband Alex and I. Our goal is to create events geared towards and for independent…