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    Grrrl Inspiration

    Magical Women: One

    I love Pinterest! One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is ‘Inspire Me Ladies’. I love supporting other women and gathering inspiration from them. I thought about all the ways I want to feel going into this new year. I want to feel like a boss; better yet, like a BAWSE! I want to feel joy, strong and like a beautiful betty! I want to continue loving myself and spreading love to everyone I come in contact with. So, inspire my…

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  • Life

    Blogging for Foodie Annapolis

    Last March, I started blogging for Foodie Annapolis. As a Principal Designer for the Symmetry Agency, this was a natural progression. Symmetry was responsible for developing the brand for the blog and we still work…

  • Design Life

    2016: A Year in Review

    Dear 2016, parts of you were amazing and parts of you were really sucky! Losing some of my personal heroes was hard. The election; well, let’s not talk about it. Still…

  • Design Life


    A Long Road! It has been a long and amazing road to 19FIFTYTHREE (19FT)! The original concept around 19FT was to create a streetwear brand for the mid-atlantic tomboy. After collecting inspiration, I found…

  • Life

    Dear Marc Jacobs. I Come in Peace.

    Dear Marc Jacobs, I am huge fan of your work. I am a black woman. I am a lover of art and fashion. The situation that you are currently in with…

  • Design Life

    UpStArt Magazine Feature

      Up.St.ART Annapolis stands for Up Street Art.  Upper West street has been designated as the Arts and Entertainment district in Annapolis. U.A. is a quarterly publication that highlights the creative…

  • Sounds

    An Open Letter to Maxwell

    Dear Maxwell, I’m a fan! I’ve been a fan! But, blackSUMMERS’night has made me more of a fan! You have blessed us with your gifts and have masterfully crafted your sound…

  • Design

    19FIFTYTHREE in September

    It has been a little over 3 years since 19FIFTYTHREE (19FT) started! Realizing that I didn’t have everything together to full start a brand, I turned 19FT into a design brand…