Grrrl Inspiration

Solange, Solange

There are only wonderful things I can say about Solange. Her style is beautifully eclectic. Her hair is…#hairgoals. Her demeanor is both fun and peaceful and she makes wonderful music. I find myself crushing on her love of patterns, cotton candy hair and appreciation for a good brick wall background.



As a black woman, it is important for me to see positive and inspirational images of black women and all women of color in the media; something that we have seen more and more, and something that I hope we will continue to see more and more. As a creative person, it is equally important to see women of color representing their true, creative selves in the public eye. This is how I see Solange; someone who cherishes her own style and voice and is okay with sharing it with the world. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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