Color Palette Inspiration

Color Palettes: Sage Burning


My blog has largely been about what I am working on and what I am inspired by. I’ve decided to start taking some of the things I’m inspired by and creating my own bits of inspiration out of them. One big part of my job as a designer is the branding process. I love creating an overall feel for a brand that includes colors, fonts, and design elements – but color palette creation is my absolute favorite part of the branding process.

I’ve decided to dedicate a portion of my blog to creating my own color palettes as a source of inspiration for myself and others. My introductory palette is called ‘Sage Burning’. I love how this palette is both cool and warm, and plays well with our current transitioning seasons.

My hope is that through this palette creation, I will have a broader base and foundation for creating outside of my usual color palette. Black, white, cream, and gold have been my mainstays, but I’m ready for some more bursts of color!

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Hope you all enjoy!


Man, Oh, Man!

These last few months have been a WHIRLWIND! I’m a little too sleepy to give you a good update now, so I’ll just leave you with some jams I’ve been listening to lately! So much goodness to share!




My Work

East Coast Representer

Originally designed in 2013, the East Coast Representer hoodie I designed for 19FIFTYTHREE is still one of my favorite product designs ever! Like most, I take a certain pride in where I’m from and this hoodie allowed me to flex that muscle a little bit. The best part about designing something that you are proud of, is when other people are equally as proud or excited about it as well! The support that came in around this hoodie was AMAZING!

It’s one thing to have people support what you do because they love you, but to support you because they love what you create is even better. So, thank you! Thank you for all your support. Thank you for the fact that I am still printing these AND selling them! EAST COAST REPRESENT, REPRESENT!

Get Your Here! 

Packaging a box full of hoodies!


My Work

The Conglomerate Site Design


Under The Conglomerate, I work with a team of three other individuals who all come together with one goal: to create an open space for independent creatives to perform and show off their craft. As music lovers, our focus over the past few years has been music. This has lead to the creation of open mic, weekend long events, record fairs, outside markets and more. We have so much in store for this coming year and decided that we needed a new site to match our new goals.

Creative Direction

Updating this site was not a hard one. We knew we wanted to focus on our goals, events and special projects. Keeping these things central to our home page was key; allowing the site visitor to get all the information they need in one page, while understanding the feel of our events through photos and our minimal layout. We strive at not over complicating a process – whether it be planning or executing, we aim to have all of our events run as smoothly as possible, while keeping  a solid foundation of creating an uplifting and encouraging   ambiance.

Check us out online.

We hope to see you at one of our next events!

My Work

19FIFTYTHREE: 53 Tri Bracelet Set

19FIFTYTHREE has given me a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with other artists and businesses. After contracting as a Graphic Designer for Aid Through Trade, I approached them with the idea of creating a set of their original Roll-Ons for 19FIFTYTHREE. We worked with three existing patterns and created a color-way that I feel perfectly represents my design aesthetic for this brand; gold, silver, and black. I consider these colors “my personal neutrals”.

Aid Through Trade has mastered the Set of 3 Roll-On set, but I decided I wanted a set of 4! We added in an extra bracelet with the addition of brass beads. This brought more depth and texture to the set and it was beautiful! Aid Through Trade is a fair trade company who works with women who are artisans from Nepal. Each bracelet is made with glass beads and handcrafted with love. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to the future of 19FIFTYTHREE collaborations!




Young the Giant

At the top of the year, I was introduced to Young the Giant via the Artists Den on PBS. After one song, I was hooked. My 2-year old daughter and I were in front of the t.v., dancing like we were at a live show. Since that day, I have been in love. What I love the most about them is how pure their sound and energy is. I hope you love them as much as I do:

Grrrl Inspiration

Magical Women: Two

In January, I decided to dedicate some blog space to visuals of women that inspire me.

I love Pinterest! One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is ‘Inspire Me Ladies’. I love supporting other women and gathering inspiration from them. I thought about all the ways I want to feel going into this new year. I want to feel like a boss; better yet, like a BAWSE! I want to feel joy, strong and like a beautiful betty! I want to continue loving myself and spreading love to everyone I come in contact with. So, inspire my ladies! Your loveliness shines through each photo and fills me with inspiration. Here go a few of my recent favs from the board: