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Mommyhood x2

On February 13, my husband and I became parents for the second time. We welcomed our second girl, Elise, into the world after a quick, but intense labor! She arrived 9 days after her due date, in full force, as I had the flu! I’m not mad at her for making an exciting entrance.

This time around, pregnancy, labor, and healing was a little more trying and a little more tiring. The realities of being a self-employed mother of a toddler and newborn hit quick and hit hard! The reality of not having enough money saved for maternity leave hit quick and hard. The reality of having about 2 weeks cut from my maternity leave hit quick and hard! The reality that I am indeed feeling the postpartum baby blues has hit the quickest and the hardest. Needless to say, things have been a little rough. I now have a new appreciation for what it is to be a woman, a parent, and a self-employed badass!

There are days when I want to thrown the towel in and wave the white flag! Sometimes it doesn’t seem like all the work, late nights, endless meetings, and planning pay off! Wouldn’t it be easier to just go back to a full-time job? Wouldn’t be more cost effective to just stay home with the kids? In some cases, yes! In my case, it wouldn’t be as fulfilling as finishing this creative journey that I started almost 10 years ago!

With that said, here’s a high-five to new journey’s, new challenges, and raising two amazing girls! Here’s a raised glass to all the women who are busting their butts to follow their dreams and another raised glass to the new moms who are getting through the postpartum blues or depression – YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU GOT THIS! Here is also a middle finger to self-doubt, fear, and that little voice that says that you should just quit!

Let’s see what the next year in this life brings! xoxo


Mereba+ 9th Wonder

This song has become a favorite in our household. Even our 3 year old knows all the words! I have half a mind to start a petition and start raising funds for 9th Wonder and Mereba to do a full project together! Between this beat by 9th and Merba’s laid back vocals, this song is instantly infectious, and what can I say, any woman who also desires a matte, all black truck, is my kinda lady.

“I’m not sorry…”

My Work

New Site for 19FIFTYTHREE

19FIFTYTHREE is a brand I created about 3 years ago! The goal was to create classic clothing inspired by the East Coast tomboy style that I have taken on as my own! In the years that it has been in existence as a brand, it has grown into so much more.

In the Fall of 2017, 19FIFTYTHREE teamed up with ArtFarm Annapolis to create a curated shop within their existing art space in the Annapolis Arts District. Joining this space has created an amazing opportunity for both 19FIFTYTHREE and ArtFarm to create a space that serves the arts and artists within their community. Their combined focus has been on both educating within the Arts and showcasing local artists, designers, and makers.

Still existing within it’s new space at ArtFarm, the brand of 19FIFTYTHREE has grown and taken on a new form, as it collaborates with other artists and creatives. With all of these changes, it was only necessary that the website for this brand and new space reflect those changes.

I am so happy to announce the launch of the updated 19FIFTYTHREE site! I feel that it currently reflects the true nature of what it is and who it serves! Check it our for yourself HERE!

My Work

New 19FIFTYTHREE Collection

My brand 19FIFTYTHREE is dedicated to creating what I hope is your next favorite tee or hoodie. I love soft fabrics, minimal prints, and abstract designs. Within the last few months, I have officially partnered with ArtFarm Annapolis. 19FIFTYTHREE is in charge of curating the front retail space, located at 45 West St. in the Annapolis Arts District. This has been a true delight and with the opening of this new space, I created a small collection of two tees and one hoodie. These three pieces are inspired by the colors of Annapolis and my current design style. The brick, blue, gold, and off cream with black and white that was chosen is directly inspired by the buildings and landscapes of the city I love so much!

I did a small run for the opening of our retail at ArtFarm, but am now taking pre-orders for the holidays. Pre-order today and receive your items by December 10! PRE-ORDER HERE.


November Playlist No. 1

It’s that time again! November in Maryland is all about crisp weather, warm drinks and feeling cozy by a bonfire or fireplace. These are my playlist picks for the beginning of this chilly season!





Art Life My Work

19FIFTYTHREE Has a Home!

This past year has been a creative whirlwind! Design, the White House, Festivals, brand launching! Whew! After a year of saying yes to EVERY creative opportunity that passed my way, I realized what it is that I want to do and what I don’t want to do. My ‘Year of Yes’ was a way for me to see where my true passion lies and it worked! I’ve jokingly said September was the official beginning of my ‘Year of No’! Now that I know where I’d like my creative focus to lie, it’s a little easier to say ‘no’ to things that I don’t really want to do – or that don’t give me any fulfillment.

A few months ago, I made one final commitment in my ‘Year of Yes’. This was to join forces with creative space, ArtFarm. Located in the heart of the Annapolis Arts District, ArtFarm has become a hub for creativity, teaching, learning, and expression. They have achieved this through classes, events and gallery shows. My creative brand, 19FIFTYTHREE has official partnered with ArtFarm and will be occupying their front space. This space will house affordable art, art prints, and goods from both local and non-local artisans and makers. 19FIFTYTHREE as a brand will be sold here, alongside many wonderful brands.

It’s official and a full circle experience!

About 6 years ago, I found a small retail space in Downtown Annapolis that I wanted to use as a space to hold events, sell streetwear and records. I also planned on using the back of the space for small workshops. This space fell through and that dream was put on hold! In a very serendipitous way, this is that chance being handed to me once again! A larger space, with amazing creatives in the heart of the Arts District! Wow!

So what’s next? Well, we’re celebrating! This Friday, October 6, we’ll host our official launch at ArtFarm Annapolis from 7pm – 10pm! I hope to see you there!


Art Grrrl Inspiration

Artists: Emma Larsson

While perusing on Pinterest, I stumbled upon watercolor and acrylic artists Emma Larsson – and I kinda fell in love! Her use of colors and way of making beautiful textures amazed me. The more of her work I found, the more I fell in love with her style and technique. Her pattern making and soft gradients are really what hooked me in. I find something so beautiful about a very soft gradient and a bold pattern – and she uses both beautifully!

“She describes her work as β€˜an ongoing exploration without rules and conventions. Starting with a blank sheet, I never know the outcome. In that sense, every piece is an abstract fragment of who I am.’”
– Wood Society of the Arts

I hope that you enjoy her style as much as I have and find some good color inspiration in it! Check her out on Instagram to keep up with her work.

Acrylic on Indian paper


Acrylic on paper


Watercolor and ink on cotton paper


Watercolor and ink on cotton paper


Saturday Morning Playlist 9/9

Toro y Moi – “Rose Quartz”

Pretty Lights – “We Must Go On”

Pretty Lights – “Yellow Bird”

Washed Out – “Feel it All Around”

Althea & Donna – “Uptown Top Ranking”