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I’ve updated my 19FIFTYTHREE site with new design and brand services!

In the last year, I’ve seen a need for specific support and services for creative businesses and artists. In the last few months, I’ve dedicated time to creating a residency program for creative businesses. This residency is through ArtFarm; the art space I co-run in downtown Annapolis. Through this residency, three brands are given space to showcase their work and products, monthly brand consultations, and space for events promoting their brand.

As soon as the residency program was launched, I started receiving feedback about the support that others wish they had for their brands – everything from web work, to brand finishing, to social media design packages. I realized that these services are already a big part of what I already offer – why not streamline it a bit more and offer these services fully through 19FIFTYTHREE!?!

So, that’s what I did!

One the updated site are updated services and packages! Check them out below and click here to see the new site: 

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