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  • Grrrl Inspiration My Work

    Just Erica Nicole

    Stylist, Erica Nicole has taken her love of fashion, behind the scenes production, and style to another level. She has taken a passion and creative gift and channeled it into a…

  • Grrrl Inspiration My Work

    Shop Darin Michelle

    What do I do with all these ideas? This is the question I am constantly asking myself? I find myself constantly designing and creating clothing and accessories. Most of these ideas…

  • Color Palette Inspiration

    A New Season of Color

    Hello Spring! (almost) With warm weather right around the corner, my color inspiration has shifted from warm and muted tones to bold brights!  I’ve also said that as a Gemini, I…

  • Art Grrrl Inspiration

    Artists: Emma Larsson

    While perusing on Pinterest, I stumbled upon watercolor and acrylic artists Emma Larsson – and I kinda fell in love! Her use of colors and way of making beautiful textures amazed…

  • Grrrl Inspiration

    Magical Women: Two

    In January, I decided to dedicate some blog space to visuals of women that inspire me. I love Pinterest! One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is ‘Inspire Me Ladies’. I love supporting other…

  • Inspiration Life Sounds

    Where’s Your Crown?

    This is the question that Rapsody asks on her latest ‘Crown’ EP – “Where’s Your Crown?”. Yesterday was the Women’s March and also Rapsody’s birthday. Fitting day to celebrate women as both…