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Converse Chuck Taylor 1970S Hi “Floral”

If you know me, you know there are a few staples in my life: funnel cake, cotton candy and Converse! Some people can’t leave the house without makeup, or their favorite hat or lipgloss, mine are my all black Chucks. In my opinion, they go with everything!

Today I was made aware of the Converse Chuck Taylor 1960’s Hi “Floral” (thanks Rap)! They are perfect. It’s almost like they were made…for me! I don’t think I have ever met a more perfect shoe.


My first thought when I saw them was “how much!?!” I found out how much and realized that though they may not be had now, they will later – maybe as a birthday present to myself. I am already thinking of the outfits I can wear with them and becoming very happy!



Uptown Funk

The musical marriage between Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson is, shall I say…SPECTACULAR! With all the busyness of the holidays, work and baby, it took a little while for me to get hip to ‘Uptown Funk’ by this marvelous duo! I am beyond happy that I did. The song and video are a perfect nod to the vibes of the late 70’s and 80’s funk sound that was happening at that time.



You can hear a little bit of Prince and a little bit of The Time and a whole lot of awesome! Mark Ronson continues to prove that he is a magic man in the studio and Bruno Mars and his crew always bring that extra bit of joy and funk to everything they touch. I’m so happy I finally got hip to this song!




East Coast Represent Represent!

Man…I love you all! A few years ago I created an East Coast Representer crew neck sweater. It was super popular and I almost sold out of the two runs I did of them.


The Original East Coast Representer Design


I decided this past Fall that I would recreate it in a hoodie and print it up this Winter. My friend and fellow Independent Worker, Vicky Ayala told me about teespring.com and how you can create collections of graphic clothing that they produce and ship for you. I was stoked and decided that the updated East Coast Representer would be a perfect run through Teespring. In less than 3 weeks 64 pieces were sold and more are in demand.

From the Social Media Marketing Campaign for the collection

From the Social Media Marketing Campaign for the collection


The collection campaign in complete and pieces are being shipped out. The feedback has been amazing and I can’t wait to do another run of this collection and expand it. Thank you for all the support, all of the love and repping this coast with me. Thank you to my Black Jedi / Universal Zulu Nation sister Chelli for being the first to share her new East Coast threads with me:


Organize and Simplify

There are so many ideas I have constantly floating around in my head. In my mind I have an idea for a workshop, a children’s book, art projects, home projects, a kids clothing line and more! Whew! I’m tired just typing that out! I ask myself, how can I organize my ideas and life when I can’t even manage to match my socks?!? How can I organize and simplify?



Thankfully for me and all of my aspirations, me matching my socks doesn’t have much to do with completing the tasks necessary to reaching my goals. This year, my greatest goal has been to launch 19FIFTYTHREE, but life and success is about more than launching. Anyone can have an idea and anyone can launch, but it takes true dedication to grow your idea, market it and meet the goals necessary to have your idea live and thrive. So, what are the next steps? I think they look something like this:


Remember when we actually use to write things down? Let’s get back to that. For me, majority of my work is done in front of the glowing screen. Breaking out a pencil and pad can be the best therapy. There is something calming and freeing about writing and sketching out ideas; a calm that doesn’t come from the computer. I feel like I can see things a little clearer when I put pen to pad.

Having a cluttered mind and space will product more clutter, which perfectly combines organizing and simplifying – remove the clutter from your mind through writing it down and remove the clutter from your space by throwing it out. Make space for new ideas and better, more functional things.


Practice and master! I remember when all of my goals use to be 2-3 months. This time always flies by much faster than I anticipate, causing me to then rush myself just to find gratification in meeting the goal even if it wasn’t well done. I feel that there is an importance in practice and an even greater importance in mastering something. My goal is to be able to fully back up every project I work on and making sure that each thing is an honest piece of work.

By doing this, I am learning to pace myself and find the things that are either truly close to my heart of just a fleeting idea.


Find time to regroup! This is very important for me. As a full-time Designer and Child-raising Ninja, finding time to relax and regroup can make or break me. Taking time to breathe, spend time with myself and think about the things ahead is a great way to make sure you’re not getting ahead of yourself. It’s also an important way to figure out exactly what you can handle. If you can’t find an hour to have to yourself in a week, you may be doing too much. Scale back your tasks and see what comes from a little me-time.

All of this is going into effect…NOW! How are you planning on organizing and simplifying in the new year?

The Curated Life

In a world where everything from your Instagram post to how you set your table at home is perfectly curated and Pinterest-styled, it’s hard to get a full grasp on who you actually are and what your true likes and style are. At least it is for me. I’ve taken a much needed break from Facebook and some other social media platforms in an effort to not be so influenced and find my own style, my own opinion and my own…well, my own “ownness”. I started realizing how easily I was being shaped by others and their visuals and comments and opinions, so I had to make a quick exit out and take some time to figure out what really makes me tick these days. This is an issue I never thought I would run into and in some ways it’s not really a problem.

My husband and I have just experienced a major life transition. Five months ago we welcomed our first child into the world. This event has shown us exactly what it looks like to be unconditionally patient and giving. It has taken the focus off of us for a while and put it on this precious life that God blessed us with. Now that we are getting a little more sleep and are a a little less blurry eyed, we are thinking more and more about what impact we want to have on our daughter; what kind of life we want to lead for her to see. This time away from the glowing screen has given me time to give myself time, read a couple books and spend some much needed time with my husband sharing our dreams and working together toward our goals to become the best us we can be for her and teaching her that hers does not have to be one of the curated lives, but a life that is effortlessly her own.



19FIFTYTHREE is a Maryland based Design Studio and Boutique that I now work under as an Independent Graphic Designer full-time. This has been over a year in the making and has been a wonderful project to work on. As a full-time independent designer, it has already been a better work experience and blogging experience.

Check out the 19FIFTYTHREE blog for interviews, inspiration and design:


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